Filipino Food Research Collective

After coming back from the Philippines on a three-week research trip to explore the coffee farms, cacao nurseries and pineapple fields of Mindanao, I took time to reflect on lessons I learned and what I wanted to accomplish after my trip.

Mainly, I thought of ways I wanted to tell the incredible stories surrounding food in the Philippines. I fantasized about connecting with people I read about – everyday cooks who kept regional cuisine alive, cookbook authors, social entrepreneurs, agriculturists, culinary historians, farmers, chefs of all stripes – to talk about Filipino food through a variety of lenses. I wanted a place where profiles about the people, places and flavours of the Philippines were skilfully told through one long-form feature, interactive map or podcast/video at a time.

I couldn’t shake how solid resources on Filipino food proved difficult to find – when I knew so many fascinating people, books and organizations were already out there, waiting to contribute to a larger story about Philippine foodways.

Does the concept of a “Filipino food research collective” interest you? Please get in touch, I would love to hear from you!