How wild-growing sineguelas send Purple Yam’s chefs over the moon

Last week, I spent an hour talking to Amy Besa – someone whose passion for Filipino food surpasses that of anyone I’ve ever spoken to. I mean this in a very humbling way; it’s hard not to get swept up by Amy’s excitement over things like sineguelas, a type of sour/sweet plum harvested from what for many years was a “backyard tree” that grew all over the Philippines.

I love coming across a food item that’s mentioned in passing, then finding myself hours later spiralling down the rabbit hole of the Internet, trying to find out as much as I can about it. In the case of many Philippine fruit, sineguelas included, I usually find the best descriptions and photos from personal blogs.

I’m currently wrapping up the first few episodes of a podcast I’ve been working on called Exploring Filipino Kitchens, where I share stories about food from the Philippines told by the people who know it best.

I’ve dreamt of making this project a reality for so long, and I’m excited to share these conversations about Filipino food, with an amazing roster of guests.

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